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Friday, November 28, 2008

We Have Survived and We Won!

Walmart at 5AM! lol

My alarm went off at 3:00AM, we left the house by
3:25AM, arrived at Walmart at 3:40AM and only had to park about five spaces out! YeeHaw! We had time to make a loop around the store to find the items we wanted then we took up our post at our selected pallets. At five minutes til five we could hear the wave of shrink wrap being removed (shredded) from the pallets so we started pulling. I grabbed a Cricut (which we decided not to get by the time we left the store) and Katie grabbed "The Jeep"! She is the winner of the day!

There were eight jeeps on the pallet and 15 people waiting to get one. The 'sweet' lady next to her, that the top of her head struck her about mid armpit politely looked up at Katie and told her "I am not afraid to throw elbows!" Can you believe that? Katie had already made an alliance with a young man standing with her on how they were going to get two of those off at once. She looked at him and they grinned at each other. Then she turned that 'sweet' lady and replied "My elbows hit higher!" The man that was with her started laughing and that was about the time the shrink wrap started flying. Their alliance worked out. They both walked (ran) away with a jeep and we finished our shopping. She hurt her arm in the process (she has a gigantic bruise on her bicep and a scratch on her chin) but she got the jeep.

I promise - she was polite to everyone, but that lady was rude. Katie did NOT throw any elbows! We left Walmart by 6AM and headed to Sam's. The wait at the check out was worse than the wait till five o'clock. We hit several more stores and met up with the cousins at Kmart then we were home by 8AM.

I have had my nap and am headed back to my aunts to visit with the family. I hope each of you has had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. I have had so many blessing to thank God for this year and I hope I have not forgotten to thank Him for any. I pray that the coming month is fun for you and that we can all remind all those that seem to have forgotten why we are actually celebrating.

And finally, two things I thought would never leave my lips - GO BAYLOR AND GO OSU! (Ouch! That hurt!)

God bless you all!


Octamom said...

Victory is yours! Except on the OSU thing (for shame!) ;o)


Shellmo said...

Glad you escaped major injuries in your shopping adventure!

miruspeg said...

Do you do this every!

Love how Katie made an alliance with the young man.

In a strange way, it sounded like a fun day.


Octamom said...

The Christmas photo shoot was definitely a calorie-burner--but don't worry...I made up those lost calories on Thanksgiving...and the day after Thanksgiving...and the day after that...and the day after that...


LindaSueBuhl said...

So glad to know your Black Friday was fruitful and no major injuries!