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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008


Trina said...

Love them!!! Mumble was NOT mumbling last night!!! She was loud and clear "Look at me Kauy".

Octamom said...

Cute, cute pages! And that grandbaby make a perfect penguin!

Octamom said...

OH--and I didn't make the soccer pumpkin--I bought it at Garden Ridge--it's one of those resin/styrofoam jobbies--thought it was very representational of the season for us!!

Shayne said...

You always have such fun scrapblogs. Love the costumes.

Oh, and thanks for your link to!

- Grandpa Shayne

Jan said...

What an awesome Scrapblog! Looks like Halloween was lots of fun!

Shellmo said...

You did such a wonderful job putting this together! Your mattie looked adorable as always!