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Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Weekend

This was another fun filled weekend.

We started Friday night at Makaley's 11th Birthday. This is Makaley holding Mattie May and the friends she had stay the night with her. I hear there was some mischief going on, but mainly done by Hysti! I know while we were still there, she had several of them scared. I just remember all the slumber parties we had and look forward to when Mattie May has them.
Saturday morning we slept in and then started getting busy. Mattie May got a manicure and pedicure by Mommie. She got orange nails with Jack-O-Lanterns on the thumb nails. Then she worked on her Trick or Treat bucket. She wanted a purple bucket and just stuck craft foam stickers all over it. It was easy, quick, and cheap! And she loves doing it.
Saturday night we went to Boo at the Zoo where she met up with her friend Wesley. They are in Bible class together. Doesn't Wesley look cute in her veterinarian costume? Her grandmother made it for her. And of course, our little angel. Another quick and cheap costume using what we had at home. Thank goodness for the dress up box we have!
I could not believe the crowd that was at the zoo Saturday night! We didn't stay very long because of all the lines. She wasn't to interested in getting the candy, just wanted to see the animals. She didn't even get to see her favorite, the giraffes, because the bridge was so crowded. And we really wanted to get her out of there. It is amazing how ADULTS take advantage of a child's activity to lose all morality (if they had any to begin with!). The way some of the people were dressed... Oh my!

Lisa that works with Frank won tickets to the circus and gave them to him. So nice! Thanks Lisa. The ticket was for two adults and three children so Chris and Nikki joined us. It started our great. Mattie May and Nikki met a clown and he was so nice. He gave them hugs, candy and asked to take a picture! Mattie May just couldn't take her eyes off him!
The seating was first come, first serve, so we got there about an hour early and ended up with great seats. There were pony rides and elephant rides. We just watched the others do this. But Mattie May sat very still just looking around and watching all the people.

Then, promptly at 5 PM the lights went down, the ring master came out and this is how Mattie May sat through the entire thing...
She woke up during intermission to go to the restroom then went right back to sleep. She didn't see a thing. But she is so funny. Grumpy asked her how the circus was and she said "It was great!"! How would she know?

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Shellmo said...

I loved Mattie's costume - she's perfect as a little angel!!

LindaSueBuhl said...

YOu are so funny - stuff you have around the house?? Not many of us have sets of angel wings but shows the difference between you creative folks and the rest of us. Adorable post - some excitement is just too big when a girl is still so small.

Brandi said...

Shellmo - Thanks. We think she is the perfect little angel even when she is not in costume.

Linda Sue - Thanks for the creative complement. I wish I was more than I am. I can only copy things I have seen done. We have a dress up box for her and the wings were from Christmas pictures last year. I think having a 2 year old makes you have strange things just "laying around the house"! I am still seeing images of your roses in my mind. They are gorgeous!