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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This! would make me very angry as a parent and I think I would be pulling my child from this school. Aren't the schools required to send out permission slips any more? Whatever happened to trips to the zoo or the museum?

I try not to get on my soap box about stuff around here, but this just made me extremely angry! This is not what I believe and I would be furious had my child been taken to something like this!


Traci said...

Yes. We do send out permission slips and reminders about the upcoming field trips. The missing link here is that it has to be an educational trip -- one relating to the taught curriculum. Now the question would be, "what's the curriculum?"

Julie said...

Oh, I read about this the other day, and I was really upset about it too! I would totally be demanding that teacher's resignation!

One more reason why homeschooling may be on the horizon for my younger kids...