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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter with Edith

What a wonderful weekend we had. Friday, Frank and I spent the day with Mattie May not doing much of anything. We did some laundry and our grocery shopping and ended the day with "brown" pizza at Brick Oven Pizza. I'm not sure about the brown pizza, but when we asked Mattie May what she wanted, she said "Brown pizza!" She ate very well and was very well behaved at the restaurant, so I guess she was happy with hamburger, black olive, and mushroom pizza!

Saturday was "Eggstravaganza" at church. We took Mattie May and there was a very good turn out even with the overcast skies and the cooler (cold) weather. She made out like a bandit on the egg hunt and enjoyed the inflatable slide and jump box. Not sure what it is called, but you have all seen them, they inflate and the kids get inside and jump.

We all attended church service on Sunday then headed out to my Aunt Hymonda and Uncle Bill's for Sunday brunch. We usually have a great lunch for family gatherings, but because so many were out of town on Saturday for LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) we decided brunch was just fine. Even though our friend Sarah had written a fantastic article on us for the Reporter News that ran on Wednesday, we went against tradition. The article told about what our family traditionally does for Easter lunch and ran most of our recipes. It was very well done and exciting to be a celebrity for the day. Many of our friends and family saw the article and called to let us know they had seen it.

After eating, Buddy and Katie hid eggs for Makaley, Kauy and Mattie May to hunt. The day was glorious, warm with just a light breeze. Then we all headed inside to visit and enjoy the rest of the day.

And who is Edith? Good question. We still really don't know who she is! Thursday after the article had run in the ARN, Hymonda got a call from Edith who said she was a friend of one of Mattie B's long lost relatives and had seen us in the paper and just wanted to tell us how nice the article was. Hymonda was gracious and thanked her and hurried about her busy day. That same day, Mattie B received a call from Edith. The conversation was about the same. Neither thought anything else about the phone calls.

We were finishing up our brunch Sunday and Trina saw someone walking up the drive. Hymonda asked us who it was but none of us recognized her. She rang the bell and Hymonda answered with a very confused look on her face. It was Edith! She had come to join us for lunch. Hymonda explained we had not done the lunch this year and had just finished up brunch. Well, Edith said that was fine with her, asked where Mattie B was and continued on in the house!

At this point, all of us in the dining room were being very quite so we could hear the conversation in the kitchen/breakfast area where Mattie B was sitting. We couldn't see her face, but we could hear the tone of Mattie B's voice and she was a little stunned to say the least. Edith told her since neither she nor Hymonda had invited her when she called on Thursday, she just decided to just invite herself!

One thing you can not call my family is selfish. We let her have anything that was left (which I must say wasn't much) and we "enjoyed" her stay. She stayed and visited with Mattie B for a while after she ate and then just left - seriously, she just got up and left, not a word! It was one of the strangest things we ever had happen and we will now remember this Easter celebration as the one we had Brunch with Edith!

I hope God blessed you this past weekend as He did us.


Trina said... year Easter lunch will be in Arizona at the cousins. Let's see if Edith can find us? seem to have left out the part where you HAD to ask about the photo!

Brandi said...

Well, I had to leave fodder for my next post!

And I have no idea what happened to your other comment. I clicked publish and now its not here!

Julie said...

That has to be one of the most bizarre holiday stories I think I've ever read.

Shellmo said...

Are we sure Edith is a relative??? odd!

Brandi said...

Oh Shelly - she said she was a friend of a relative! However, she was just crazy enough to have been a very close relation!!! lol

Sarah said...

Okay, that is the absolute funniest and most bizarro thing EVER. Now I will no longer use people I personally know as subjects of my articles!!

Brandi said...

Sarah - NO!!!

You must use people you know! If not how will you ever find out about the wackos that hunt them down!!!

You know us too well to know how much fun we have had telling this story! It is definitely a holiday for the history books!

Jan said...

Wow, I would love to see the article! Do you have a link? And the Edith thing - I don't know -- where is the line between being gracious and being used? That's weird! Good for you for laughing!

Anonymous said...

do you it possible...that you entertained "an angel unawares"????