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Monday, April 6, 2009

WWW (What a Wonderful Weekend)

As usual the weekend was just not long enough, but it was nice. Of course Frank got home Friday from Boston and we spent time that night going through all the give aways he collected at the conference and all his pictures. I have started his scrapbook for this so I will have it posted as soon as I can.

Saturday, he decided to fish the Stillwaters tournament over at Hubbard and I stayed home, watched a couple of movies, did some light house work and started on Katie's dress.

Sunday, Frank took Kauy to the Spring Jamboree at UT. I messed up a little so they didn't get to attend the Kids Club pizza party, but they still had a good time. I went to church in the morning then Mattie May and I took a nice nap. Sunday afternoon, we went to Makaley's TLC practice then to the grocery store. And last night to bed at a decent hour.

So not to eventful for me anyway, but a nice relaxing weekend. God is so good to us.

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Shellmo said...

Sounds like a nice weekend with family!