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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ephesians 6:14-15

We are so close to Christmas, I just can't believe it! There are only four circles left on Santa's beard (Mattie May's count-down-calendar she made at school) and only three chocolates left in her advent box I bought for her at Christmas in November. I don't have a single gift wrapped, and I am sure I will find a few I still need to buy. We have just been busy. With what? I really don't know. We are just doing something all the time.

"The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" has been in theaters for weeks and we have yet to see it. That is because Mattie May and I are reading the book and we aren't finished with it. As much as she wants to see it, she agrees with me that we
should finish reading before we do.

We have made cookies and cupcakes this month and if you have been keeping up, a gingerbread house was completed too!

It has been almost a month since I posted that I had all my Christmas cards addressed and ready to mail, and they were, sort of. There were a couple being mailed overseas and it took me a little longer to get to the post office than I had intended and then I had to give them time to arrive. We then received some cards from several people that were not on my list and we had to order more cards. That was a first for us.
Thankfully, we chose to have the cards printed instead of me making them. I don't know where I would have found the time to make more.

This is the fifth addition of our card to feature Mattie May. She has really changed this year, from a toddler to a little girl. Long gone are the dog ears that I love so much. Looking back at the last four cards, we just couldn't see how we could keep doing them the way we were and trying to make the next one better than the last. So we agreed to make some changes but keep the cards the same (clear as mud, right?)

In 2006, we were given an amazing gift from God, and what better way to give a gift than to wrap it up in a box with a bow...


We had the angel announcing the birth of the King of Kings...


The next year, we let her chose who she wanted to be and she chose one of her favorite stories, Esther, a wonderful story of faith...


She also chose her character last year. She loves to play "mommy" so of course she chose Mary, so very tired from the journey to Bethlehem but lovingly caring for her new born son, the Son of God...


We just felt that we couldn't make a better card and with her starting school, we couldn't find the time to do the picture. She is so very tired when she gets home in the evenings; school all day and then karate until about seven. Then add a tournament and belt tests on top of that and we were really pressed for time. And once the pictures were done, I would have to find the time to make the cards.

I was going through some pictures I had taken at her latest belt test and I found one of those lucky shots. You know the ones I mean, a great picture among some that are not so great. I showed it to Frank and he had the same idea I did. And to top it off, I had just read a scripture that fit perfectly.

Mixon Family Christmas Card 2010

Ephesians 6: 14 - 15

Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled
around your waist, with the breastplate of
righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted
with the readiness that comes from the
gospel of peace.

I added this larger picture so you could see it a little better.

See...I told you the card was going to be different, but I promised it would be the same. A scripture from His Word and a picture to help tell the story.

In all the hustle and bustle that comes along with this time, please remember to sit with your children and remind them that it is not about all the gifts but about The Gift that was given to us by God.

From our family to yours, we pray for you a very Merry Christmas.

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I stumbled across your blog and just had to say how adorable those pictures are!