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Monday, December 6, 2010

Things heard while building a gingerbread house

My family built a gingerbread house the other night and these are just a few things I heard when I would pass through the kitchen.

"GRUMPY! You have a crack!"

" I don't want to be the brick man!"

"Put in on my tongue!"

"I think I'm going to get my drill before I go any further"

"Hey it looks like pthhhhhhhh!"

"Uh, H.el.l.o.O! I need ssome S.n.o.w.O.W!"

"If they have an M on it put that side down so no one will know!"

"And I'm doing a fantastic job"

"It's OK, if you think its peppermint it's not."
Grumpy - "what is it"
MM "It's icing!"

The finished house!

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aynzan said...

Cute gingerbread house....