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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lab Work and Depression

September 24, 2012

Lab work day!! And an office visit with Dr. Melnyk.

I felt uneasy about.

I don't know why, I've done several labs lately.

This one is nothing new.

Mom picked me up and we headed out to oncology. Pretty normal day... so far.

We checked in, sat down and it wasn't long before they called my name.

I sat in my normal chair, I think I'm going to start calling it the vampire chair. It is after all the one where they always draw my blood.

I haven't learned all the nurses names yer, but I'm working on it. But it was the same one that always takes my blood and she is very good by they way. As soon as I felt the stick I felt sick.


Bless her heart, she couldn't stop what she was doing. But the other nurses stepped in, quickly. They were getting me juice and wet towels. I was sweating and freezing at the same time. I asked to lay down.

They brought me a wheel chair and started wheeling me to a room. Any room, I didn't care where it was, I needed to lay down.

Just as they got me in the room, I told them I needed something. They handed me the trash can, just in time!

When I looked up Dr. Melnyk was standing there, smiling. He told me that I had told him I was fine. And I had been. He came on in, did my check up and then looked at my counts. He decided I was a bit dehydrated and that was probably why I had gotten sick. Everything else was what he was expecting. So I am normal after all!!!

September 25, 2012

Nothing too exciting the rest of the week. Just a battle with depression. To read about that click here.

What really sunk in this week was that,

Everything is going to be OK!

Until next time, God bless.

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Sharon said...

Lolo...I came across your blog by accident and decided to follow it. Is is so wonderful to see God believing people in the "blog" world. My prayers are with you!