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Monday, March 23, 2015

More fun with Baby H

Last night we had a small family gathering. 

My family can make a party out of anything. 

This party was to find out the gender of Baby H.

The decorations turned out great. 

Even Mom's cactus was dressed for the occasion. 

Frank and I knew the answer, 

and we had been tormenting everyone all day. 

We gave them one final tease before everyone arrived. 

Everyone dressed in the color of their guess, 

Blue = Boy
Pink = Girl

The teams were quite lopsided with more on Team Blue! 

 And Mattie showed how excited she is with all her Big Sister accessories!

We started with a guessing game. 

I had filled this jar with candy,

Half blue & half pink, 
well almost.

There was one more of one color, 
the winning team color. 

I had everyone write there guess on their team side as to how many they though was there. 

This box holds the answer to which gender Baby H is!

After we had dinner, it was time for the reveal. 

Mattie held the box
Phillip and Katie pulled the ribbons. 

And it didn't take long to learn what gender Baby H was. 


And someone was really wanting a boy!

Baby H has been prayed over and will be loved beyond belief. 
And big sister Mattie has since turned that frown around 
and is all smiles about having a little sister. 

So now we wait on a name for the next little princess.

And God continue to bless us as we wait!

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