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Monday, March 2, 2015

New Old Friends

Most everyone one knows I'm in a private group on Facebook.

It's a group of breast cancer survivors.

We call ourselves Pink Sisters.

In February we celebrated our second anniversary. 

We've always wanted a way to meet each other, but it's hard to get 400+ women all together. 

So it's gotten to be when someone travels they try to meet up with others in there home towns.

Sunday was my turn. 

Marianne was traveling from California to a cowboy poetry gathering in Alpine. 

Not that it was on her way, but she came through Abilene and we got to meet. 

We had a wonderful time, it just wasn't a long enough visit!

Hopefully we'll get to meet again sometime!!

Always take the time to meet and hug someone new. 

You never know, you might be hugging your next best friend!

Love you Marrianne!!

Until we meet again, 

God bless!

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