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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Picture #7

It's Thursday!!

That means it's picture day!!

Last week, Baby H was the size of a lime,
but has grown to be the size of a plum. 

If you read my last post, you know that little plum is a GIRL!!!

Mattie really wanted a baby brother, but I think after talking to Hysti and Tiger,
she realizes how much fun having a sister will be. 

They also talked to her about being so far apart in age.
They are seven years apart and Mattie will be ten years older than Baby H.

I just know she's going to be a great big sister. 

Now for a test! 

How observant are you? 

There is another really big change about to happen for our family, 
and we have been dropping some very subtle hints in the last few post. 

See if you can guess before you get to the last clue.

Clue #1 - A count down clock named "Secret Day" was added to my side bar a few weeks ago

Clue #2 - One of the items Katie had listed in Picture #5 is "Getting Ready to Pack & Move"

Clue #3 - Post "This Kid" on March 19, 2015 tells about Mattie trying different types of food 

Clue #4 - The Picture #6 post states "lots of changes are coming" 
(yeah that could have been about Baby H, but it wasn't)

Clue #5 - There are three clues during the reveal party, so I'll list those as sub-clues;
Clue #5A - Hansel & Gretel are on the reveal box
Clue #5B - On the poster behind Katie's head showing the boy/girl guesses, 
boy and girl are listed as junge and madchen
Clue #5C - the reveal is a pink dirndl

So have you figured it out? 

If not, you'll see it as you look at Picture #7. 

My babies are moving! 

It's exciting and sad at the same time. 
I have been able to love on Mattie just about every day of her life. 
But as hard as it is for me, 
I just keep telling myself how great it is going to be for them. 

I hope we have a name for Baby H before they leave! 

God Bless


McMGrad89 said...

Germany! How exciting for them. You will enjoy visiting them.

Anonymous said...

So exciting! I lived in Germany as a kid; my dad was in the AF. We loved it! Hopefully you can go to visit. This is Jane, Susan McHan's mom, and I am reading your blog from Unalaska, Aleutian Islands, Alaska. :) xoxo