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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pic #14


And we all know what that means!!!


I say PJ will be another martial artist!!

Katie says he is kicking all the time!!!

They've had a great week. 

Phillip has been helping Mattie with a school project all week. 
It is complete and ready to turn in on Monday. 
Grumpy and I aren't allowed to see it until Sunday though. 

Mattie also had her GT Showcase this week 
She walked Grumpy and Phillip through three projects. 
Katie and I took pictures. 
It was a great night. 

This weekend, we don't have anything planned 

Except rest. 

We all deserve it, 

Especially Frank. 

He's had several late nights this week. 

Until next week

God Bless!!

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