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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Picture #13

It's Thursday!!

And that means it's picture day!!

Katie and Phoebe are doing well. 

Katie is still tired a lot and that makes it difficult to get ready to move. 

But other than that, all is well. 

Mattie is looking forward to the end of school. 


this is where I would end the post, 
but we have a few more pictures today!

This Thursday was also sonogram day!!

It was a great appointment and they got to see some really good pictures of their healthy little girl!

But Phillip noticed the doctor say something about Phoebe that Katie didn't catch!!

Here's her little face!


Check out that spine!!

Nice and straight!

Aww!! Baby feet!!

There's nothing better than baby feet!!

Especially when they are attached to your precious little grand child!!

And then Katie heard what Phillip had heard earlier!!!

Phoebe's not Phoebe!!!

She's not a she!!!!

He's a he!!!

It's a BOY!!! 


Their having a boy!!

Philip Erich Holland!!!

 Phillip is one excited daddy!!

And though we are so excited that it is a boy,

we are so thankful and blessed that it is healthy little miracle from God!

Until next time

God bless!!

Tomorrow, I'll have Mattie's reaction!!!

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