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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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It has been a VERY busy week.

Monday we celebrated Memorial Day. 

Well, celebrate isn't exactly the right word to use. 

We remembered all those that have given their all for this wonderful country we live in, 

and we also said goodbye to Phillip. 

He has moved to Germany. 

He is anxiously waiting for the rest of his family to arrive. 

Katie and Mattie spent one last night in the apartment before the movers came in and started packing everything up. 

The have moved in with Mom and will stay there until time for them to leave. 

They have almost got a schedule down to FaceTime with Phillip but it will be a little easier once school is out. 

Which is tomorrow!!

Mattie has one more day as a 3rd grader!!! 

She is growing way too fast!!

Next week she has two days at Maker Academy at ACU. 

She is really looking forward to that.

Next week, we can start to slow down and start enjoying the summer. 

We continue to get rain!! 

Thank you Lord!! 

There is a lot of flooding, 
but we have a few lakes that have not really gained any water.

We continue to pray that rains keeps coming until those lakes are full. 

Happy Summer!!

Until next week, 

God Bless. 

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