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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She is such a Big Girl

This is West Texas Fair week in Abilene. This is one of the biggest events that happen all year. EVERYONE looks forward to the food, the rides, the rodeo and did I mention the food? Can everyone say Fresh Squeezed Lemonade? I can't remember a year we did not go to the fair.

Monday night we go with Trina and her kids because it is dollar ride night. Last year Mattie could only ride the carousel with her mommy holding tight to her. But this year, she surprised us all. She still loves the carousel, but this year she got to ride the Ferris wheel and the four wheeler ride. She loved this ride. She first road it with Kauy, but the second time she got to ride it all by herself.

She is such a big girl. Next year she will probably want to ride everything all by herself!

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