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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sort of a Boring Week

This past week has been rather uneventful one, nothing good to write about.

But I do have a request for all of you, please keep my family in your prayers, especially Katie. As most of you know, she is going through a divorce. This is never a happy event, but sometimes a marriage is ended due to circumstances beyond any one's control.

So far every thing has gone well. Both have agreed to the custody arrangement and visitation. Tomorrow is the first temporary hearing. They will be ordered to attend a class on divorce with children and child support should be set. We have no reason to believe that things won't go as expected, but you just never know.

So please pray for her and Mattie, pray that everything goes well. Pray for Buddy and his family, I know they are going through the same stress that we are. Pray for the judge and both attorneys, that they do their jobs to the best of their ability. Pray that all parties involved do their best to come to a solution that is in the best interest of Mattie May.

Even though the marriage is being dissolved, Buddy and his family will still be a very valuable/important part of all of our lives. Please pray that we all continue to get along and do what is right for Mattie.

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Trina said...

Prayed, Prayed and Prayed again. I know that the kids as school hate that "moment of silence" but it is a great time for me to pray. Glad God is on call during that "moment of silence"!!!