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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who Has Taken My Sweet Granddaughter?

We were so excited to go out. My dear friend Patti was in Abilene for the night and we were going to meet her for supper. We didn't hesitate to get Mattie May ready to go with us because she is always so good in a restaurant (as good as a 1 1/2 year old can be).

We all dressed and made sure she looked as cute as possible (not hard to do!) and we proceeded to the restaurant.

All was well, we got to our table, our friends arrived and the waiter took our drink orders. We sat and visited for a while enjoying the time we were having and then IT happened. Mattie started to misbehave. I am not talking about normal toddler stuff. We tried to keep her calm with crackers, drinks, even crayons, but nothing was working.

When our food arrived, we thought things would be fine. Oh no! She continued to scream. An older gentleman leaving another table bent over and told her it would be
OK because they were leaving. I know he meant well, but I was so embarrassed. This was just not normal behavior for Mattie.

We finally decided that Katie would take her to the car and watch a movie (thank goodness Frank talked me into the DVD package on my Yukon).

Things were quite enough now that we could finish our meal. The waiter had just brought the box for us to pack up Katie's food when were heard her. They were coming back in and Mattie was screaming and crying just as loud as ever.

We moved our party outside trying to relieve the patrons and staff inside. We were able to visit for a minute or two outside before she started hollering to go.

Where in the world is my precious Mattie May? Who has taken her? If found, please return her as soon as possible. This kid we have is a brat!


Anne Jones said...

It must be the weather! Levi threw the BIGGEST screaming fit today in Taco Bueno! I was embarrassed and frustrated all rolled into one.

I wanted to tell him to eat the burrito and be happy already!

Trina said...

Wait until she is 6 and throws one in the middle of Subway. A 6 year old covers a huge amount of floor space (standing room for about 4 people). There are not enough Italian rolls in the world to cover you up.