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Thursday, June 12, 2008

#100 I Didn't know the tradition or I might not have started this

I have had this ready for my 100th post. I am still working on my vacation post so enjoy my 100th until I get my pictures ready.

When I started my little blog, I did not know there were already blog traditions and protocol that I would have to follow or I might have just said "No way". Well I didn't know and have always wanted to write, so I started my blog. Now I learn that on my 100th post, I am supposed to write 100 interesting things about myself. ISN'T THAT JUST GREAT! I don't know if all of these will be interesting or if I will be able to think of 100 of them, but here goes (in no particular order)...

100. I have always wanted to write a children's book.
99. I want Frank to illustrate said book.
98. I love being a mom.
97. I love to fish.
96. I hate to read.
95. I love being a grandmother as much as I love being a mom.
94. When I say I love my job, I mean it.
93. I love being a wife even though I don't do it very well sometimes.
92. I never dreamed I would be married to one person this long.
91. I have trouble finishing projects that I start.
90. I really, really hate telemarketers!
89. I love going to Las Vegas.
88. I love working in my flower garden.
87. I love sitting outside with Mattie May, especially when Frank has just finished mowing the lawn.
86. I can not think of a gift I did not appreciate getting even though it was not something I would have chosen for myself.
85. I like dogs more than cats.
84. My favorite thing to do is just sit and do nothing.
83. I am terribly afraid of heights.
82. I love to fly.
81. I hope to graduate from college some day.
80. I hate to have to wear a bra!
79. I love to water ski and snow ski, I just wish I was in shape enough to do both.
78. I am a very shy person until I get to know you.
77. I can't wait to take Mattie May and Katie to Disneyworld.
76. I love to dance, especially with Frank (that is how we met).
75. I love being an only child but I am glad I have Trina and Traci around to be my "sisters".
74. I hate being alone (part of that only child thing).
73. I don't mind not being productive (I could sit and stare at a blank wall for hours).
72. I think men and women can have a platonic friendship.
71. We drive the golf cart up and down the county road at my dad's for entertainment.
70. I hate being around cigarette smoke. I can't breath for days afterward.
69. I love my Yukon, but hope to have a cool Jeep just to poot around in someday.
68. I love to sew even though I don't very often (see #91) and I am glad Mom gave me a new sewing machine for Christmas/birthday (see this post).
67. I cry in Church almost every Sunday (it's an uplifting thing, not sad).
66. I spend too much time staring out my window at work (this comes from 20 years of working in buildings without windows).
65. I would love to get a tattoo, but am too afraid it would hurt.
64. I am a slob.
63. I love to cook but hate to clean up afterward.
62. I wish I could make a living from being a photographer.
61. I love "Gone With the Wind" and often wonder if I would have been able to survive back then.
60. I don't think any generation have ever known or will have to know how to survive like my grandmother's generation did.
59. Statues scare me, especially the ones with faces (ooo, creepy).
58. I got very excited the first time someone linked me in their blog.
57. I do believe that one morning I will wake up and all this extra weight will have just disappeared from my body.
56. I don't think that just because it comes on the Disney Channel we should let children watch it. And I really think there are some shows on Nickelodeon that are to much for children.
55. I have been in one pageant. I did a flag routine, but I can not tell you what song it was to.
54. I was in the high school band starting in the 7th grade (that's a small school for you).
53.I started playing the flute because I could use my cousin's, but then I learned how to play trombone. But I had most of my fun in the flag corps.
52. I failed miserably at the piano (ask Trina), but I can still play "The Middle 'C' March".
51. I think I have a pretty interesting family history and I hope that Trina, Traci and I can get it all down and publish a book. (See #100)
50.I love to eat at Abuelo's.

49. Frank and I have beat the odds of an early marriage.
48. I am so lucky to have had a great grandmother around to tell stories of her life (from covered wagon to space shuttle).
47.I am so very lucky to still have a grandmother living.
46.I struggle with daily Bible study (getting it done).
45.I am not fond of horses.
44. My first name is from the movie "Hatari" with John Wayne.
43. My middle name was one of my mother's dearest high school friends who died way to soon.
42.My mother lost her best friend in a car wreck about 25 years before I lost my best friend the same way.
41. I try to learn at least one thing new each day.
40.I think the song I used in the pageant was "William Tell Overture".
39. I think it is OK to be silly with kids. Mattie May and I sing silly songs and dance a lot!
38. I practice CPR(Catch, Photograph, Release) when I fish, and I kiss the fish before they are released.
37. I love getting flowers, but hate that the money was spent.
36. My wedding ring is made from Frank's class ring.
35. I was going to name Katie after my two aunts, Hymonda and Medrice, but everyone said she would not be able to say her own name.
34. Genealogy interests me, and I wish I had the time and money to trace my ancestry.
33. I think a lot of things in this list are silly.
32. I love to go to parades.
31. I would not change anything in my life, it makes me who I am.
30. I sunburn real easy.
29. I love to watch kids sports, high school down.
28. I was in 4-H.
27. This is post 100 on this blog, but if I added my other three blogs it would be post #___.
26. I am an only child but don't think of myself as spoiled.
25. I hate talking about myself.
24. I lived in New Mexico as a child but only for 3 months, then my parents came to their senses and moved back to Texas.
23. I can not for the life of me understand why God made gnats.
22. We used to play in my grandmother's cellar when we were kids, now I can't stand that musty smell.
21. I love to sing but don't do it very well.
20. Most of my current friends are friends I have had since high school or earlier.
19. I went to the same school as my mother did.
18. I enjoy scrapbooking.
17. I get really irritated when people don't follow the rules.
16. I hope to get my backyard landscaped within the next two years.
15. The first real job I had I kept for 20 years.
14. The shortest time I worked for a company was for 6 months.
13. I say I am not superstitious, but there are certain things I do when fishing that would fall in that catergory.
12. I hope to travel all over Texas before I die.
11. I have always wanted to skydive (yes, I know, I am afraid of heights).
10. I have had one flight lesson (it was free).
9. I know how to drive a forklift.
8. I hunt but prefer to just take pictures.
7. I know how to drive a stick shift.
6. I would like to have my own business, I just don't know what it would be.
5. I love to cross stitch, but have trouble now that my eyes are old.
4. I love my nightly walk with Mattie May and collecting all the treasures she finds along the way.
3. One of my favorite past times is looking for shapes in clouds.
2. I can 't believe I came up with 100 different things about myself.
1.I believe all that I have listed are all gifts from God. I am who I am because of Him and would have nothing without Him.

Whew! I can't believe I finished. If you are still reading, thanks and I hope you learned something interesting about me. I can't wait to see some of your responses.


Trina said...

Wow, that was great....will you do mine?

LindaSueBuhl said...

Dear Brandi - I know you 100 times better now! Amen Sistah to # 80 and yes ma'am to #50. Looking forward to our next 100 postings! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with your bloggy friends.