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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wish You Were Here

Isn't that what the vacation post cards always say? After a slow start, we finally made it to Corpus Christi. We didn't get off to the early start we had planned, our air conditioning in the house started going out Friday night. Luckily it held until Saturday morning, but it had to be fixed before we left town. Frank was able to get it fixed and we were able to leave by 11:00. We pulled into Corpus Christi about 6:00 PM and Mattie May was ready to hit the beach. So down we went in our clothes and she had a blast.

She first found this little puddle made by the run off of the sand shower. We couldn't convince her to get out of it and into the actual ocean. She was having so much fun and we were not in a rush to go any where so we just let her play.

She finally made it into the waves. She LOVED it. She didn't mind the salty taste and wanted to keep going even though the waves would make it over her head. She finally just sat in the water letting it rush up over her. One of us kept standing behind her just to make sure she didn't get pulled into the abyss.

Oh yeah, Frank caught a crab!

We are having fun. it is much to late for us to be up and on the computer. So I am going to make Katie log off from where she is and we are going to go join Frank and Mattie May who are having sweet ocean dreams up in the room.

Tomorrow is the Texas State Aquarium and more fun on the beach. We are going to try to hit Snoopy's before it gets to late and hopefully a trip to Aransas Pass and the ferry. I will try to post more of our trip tomorrow.

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Shellmo said...

The water looks wonderful - what a great trip!