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Monday, July 13, 2009

It Started out a Nice Peacful Morning...

I started writing this Monday afternoon but am just now getting around to posting it. Just wanted you to know so you didn't think I left my laundry for a week!

This morning I was looking forward to a little down time before Mattie May got here. I had planned on making our room reservations for tonight, eating a little breakfast and starting the laundry from the weekend. Nothing terribly hard and should have been finished quickly.

Katie, Mattie May and I are going to Dallas tonight to go to the zoo in the morning. Frank earns points for staying at a certain hotel when he is out of town on business so we have points for us to use when we go on leisure travel. Now I have made reservations on line many times as I am sure most people have. This is not a difficult task. As they say on "Special Agent OSO" "three simple steps"! Pull up the web site, fill in the arrival information, get confirmation number. Super simple. Unless the web site wont take your credit card information!

It told me it couldn't take my card and to try again later. I fixed my bowl of cereal for breakfast, sat back down and tried again. Same thing. It is at this point I get a little concerned because I know there is no reason my credit card should not be accepted. So I got my other one that we use for emergencies, knowing for sure it is OK and the same thing happens. I try again. Thinking there is a problem with the web site, I start looking for the number to customer service to get this fixed. I get a nice young man on the phone and explain my problem and in the process of giving him our information he tells me someone else will have to help me because we are club members and he puts me on hold.

I put it on speaker phone so I can at least start a load of laundry without holding the receiver to my ear. While starting the laundry, call waiting beeps in. It is Katie telling me she is almost to my house. I click back over just in time to hear someone on the other end. Not only does she have a very heavy accent and I can hardly understand her but it sounds like she is just barely whispering. By this time Katie and Mattie May get there. Of course Mattie May is talking up a storm and this makes it really difficult to hear the girl. I explain to the girl she is going to have to do something so I can hear her. She takes my number and calls me right back. Katie gets all of Mattie May's things out of the car. Mattie May starts crying because her mom is leaving. (it's not that she doesn't want to stay with me, she just doesn't want her mom to leave and she smushed her toe on the table).

So now I have a crying three year old and this girl on the phone trying to help me with reservations. About this time, my door opens again and it is Katie bringing me her iPhone. Excuse me - her SHATTERED iPhone! Some how in the two minutes from when she called me to the time she got back in her car, the glass on her iPhone cracked.

Now I have a crying three year old, the girl on the phone I can hardly understand and an upset 25 year old on the edge of tears trying to figure out what to do with her phone. And now call waiting is beeping at me again. It's Frank. He is just checking to see how my day is going. How sweet! Not good Frank. I will call you in a bit. It is about this time that my Internet provider's service goes down, so now I can't even look at what the customer service girl and I are talking about!

Get back on the phone with customer service girl and she tells me that there are five charges for my room. Oh wow! Not really what I wanted to hear. She has to go get her supervisor. Luckily this gives me a minute (or 20) to get Mattie May settled down a little bit more, get her something to eat and start her favorite Disney shows.

I think I am on hold for about 20 to 30 minutes this time and she finally comes back and tells me they have manually made my reservations and that the charges will be removed in three to five days and if any additional charges incur, they will also cover those.

Calm begins to settle in my house. But now I have to call customer service to take care of the broken iPhone! Thankfully, this customer service person spoke where I could understand him! So I thought all was well... but then we leave to go on our trip! That is an entirely different post!


Darlene said...

Ohh you poor thing ... but i do hope you and the girls have fun in Dallas !!

I love the the zoo !!!! I really want to get the time and moola to go to the world aquarium one day !!

Have a blessed week !!!!!

Julie said...

Wow, what a morning!!

I can't stand when I call customer service and the person barely speaks English. While I understand that foreigners need jobs, too, who thought it was a good idea to put them in a job in which they need to be able to speak English clearly??