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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mattie May's Merry Musings

I have decided to start logging the cute things Mattie May says to us that we hope we never forget. I guess you could say I actually started this last week when I posted this. But I wanted to give them a name so that in my old age it would help me remember what to look for. If you can think of a cuter name, I am open for options.

Saturday we went to my dad's cabin at Lake Cisco to celebrate Independence day. This is a yearly event, this year there were about 30 people there. It is usually more but some had other obligations that kept them from being there.

We spent the day fishing, watching Mattie May and Katie swim, and of course eating. The day was capped off with a fireworks display done by some of the younger men in the crowd and other families all around the lake. It is always a lot of fun.

After the fireworks, we started the 45 minute drive home. This is usually not a bad trip, but Mattie May had a late nap and was wired. I was concerned that her movie would not keep her occupied. Well I shouldn't have worried. We had a fireworks display all the way back to Abilene. Cisco, Putnum and Clyde all had displays that we could see along with personal shows I sure being put on by family and friends just as we had. The fireworks stands on either side of the interstate were putting on great shows just as we pulled into town.

Frank and I kept asking Mattie May if she had seen them. Of course she had and would respond with "Oww, that looks like Christmas (red & green), That one was big, That one was loud," and so one. Just about the time we were pulling into Clyde, Frank asked her something about one of the fireworks and her response -

"Grumpy, you know there's a burn ban right now!"

So matter of fact and like he had any control what soever about all the fireworks. But funnier than that - does she even know what a burn ban is???


Darlene said...

That is just the cutest thing ... I just really enjoy reading what Mattie May is doing .. She and My KaDee seem to both be growing up way too fast
Have a good one..blessings to all of you !! Darlene

GWEN said...


Shellmo said...

She is a sweetie! Great idea to keep track of the funny things she says. I bought my hubby a journal for him to record my stepson's funny quotes and sayings - and he's been doing it now for the past 7 years.