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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What She learned Today

This is one of those post with a long story before I get to the actual cuteness so please bear with me.

Mattie May has been attending her first Vacation Bible School this week. It has been wonderful. This year the title is "Paul and the Underground Church". The entire church has been transformed into ancient Rome with a marketplace, a coliseum and of course an underground church.

Tonight's theme was "God's Love is With You All the Time". It was great. I love hearing these little voices lifting praise to God in song and verse. If you ever get the chance to visit a VBS, do it. These kids will work miracles on your heart.

On the way home tonight, I asked Mattie May what she learned. "That God's love is with me all the time." WOW! She was paying attention! Next I asked her what would make God take his love away from her. "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!" was her reply. I thought this was so cute, my little three year old granddaughter learning the truth in such a simple way. So I asked her if I could record her when we got home so I could keep this precious little piece of time for posterity. She said "Sure" in her cute little MM way.

We get to their apartment and Katie is there to meet us. When she takes her out of the car seat, I tell her we need to record something, thinking this would be a good way for Katie and Buddy to see her cute and honest answers. The recording follows and I must say, it was not quite what I expected...

I guess next time I need to be a bit more specific when I ask her to do something for me!!!!


Julie said...

Kids and pets - they'll make a fool of you every time. LOL!!

I loooooove her little bit of "twang". Kids with accents just make my day! (You know, since we're from Michigan and we don't have accents...HA HA HA)

Brandi said...

Twang? What twang? HAHAHAHA

I wish I had her mother recorded when she was this little! It was terrible - and still is actually! I don't know where she gets it from, I certainly don't have it!!! LOL

Holly said...

Every Sunday Mattie Mae can tell us what we learned the week before. Even where they are big long name of cities and stuff.

Brandi said...

Thanks Holly! It's always nice to hear that they are learning and remembering what they learned! Thanks too for being one of the many childrens teachers we have at SHCoC! So many kids miss out on great teachers like ours!