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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Willful Waste is a Woeful Want

My grandmother used to tell us that all the time,

especially when we were wasting something!

And this really hit home the other night when Mattie was getting ready for bed and needed to brush her teeth.

She squeezed the tube and nothing came out.

There was still some in there, I could see it in the tube.

So I got the bright idea to cut it open in hopes to get a little out for the night until I could get to the store.

I couldn't believe what I found!!

There was enough in there to last probably two more weeks!!
I mean seriously! She has a small mouth and she's loosing teeth almost faster than the tooth fairy can come pick them up so it doesn't take much each time she brushes.
So my thought is, if I had already bought more toothpaste because I knew she was almost out, I would have wasted all this that remained.
I wonder how many things we buy that we throw out before we really should.
I'm not really a penny pincher but I think I am going to start paying more attention to the things I am doing around the house.
I know this isn't really a plan to save the world or anything, but it is something to make me think about what I am doing.
But no matter what I decide to do with toothpaste in my future,
Everything is going to be OK.
Until next time, God bless.

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