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Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's My Cancerversarry!!

June 29, 2012 - I was getting ready for bed when I found it, and my life has been changed forever.

So how do I really feel about this past year?

It has been an awesome blessing and I thank God for it everyday.

Most people don't understand that.

The most important thing, it has grown my relationship with God. It has made me so much more thankful for waking up in the mornings and thankful for my healthy family.

I've always been pretty much an optimist, but I have been able to find the good in everything lately, even in having breast cancer.

During this past year I have been amazed that the truly selfless people in my life and I have learned how to get rid of the truly selfish people that said they were my friends.

It has brought me sisters that have gone through this, are going through this or are just in the beginning for their journey and looking for help. It's an unfortunate community but it is on that has helped me through this.

And what does the next year bring?

Who knows.

I know I will continue to heal, make changes for a healthier life, and continue to try to help those that are just starting their lives with cancer.

I will have some surgeries to rebuild my body.

But most importantly I will continue to grow in spirit and faith, knowing that God will continue guide each step I take. And because of this faith, I also know that whatever happens,

Everything is going to be OK.

Until next time, God bless.

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