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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Learning by Example

I posted this a while back and had to remove it for reasons a lot of you know. I decided I would post it again since it wasn't up for very long. I hope you enjoy it again.

I am always after Katie for leaving stuff laying around, especially things that Mattie May can get into.

A few months back, as I sat with Mattie May fixing her hair, I noticed that Katie had left her tweezers (again) on the lamp table. Being in the usual rush to get Mattie May and me both ready for the day, I did not pick them up.

I finished her hair, gave her a kiss and her cup, and sat her on her blanket to watch "Micka Mouse" while I finished getting dressed. From my bedroom I could see her get up and go towards the sofa. I headed that way. Before I could get there, she went running towards the bathroom. I watched as she jumped up on her stool, then she just stood there. What was she doing?

I had to take a breath to keep from laughing out loud. There she stood, looking in to my little magnifying mirror that she had in her left hand and the tweezers in her right hand holding them up to her eye brow. She just stood there, no movement.

When I asked her what she was doing, she only replied "Momma". She was imitating what she had seen Katie do many times! At this point I did laugh out loud, but my answer to her was "Yes, you are doing like your momma, but your momma should have put these up". She puckered up and gave me a great big kiss and a hug and we continued getting ready, brushing our teeth, closing up the house and heading on to day care and work.

I know I am rambling again and everyone is surely tired of all my Mattie May stories. I just felt this was a cute and funny example to prove a point - Watch what you do in the sight of your children, because they are certainly watching you!


Trina said...

And you say you are not a great at writing. I think so.

Anne Jones said...

Hilarious! Natalie does that sometimes too...copies something she has seen me do. Honestly, it's a little scary!

Patriot said...

She sounds adorable! Hi! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your nice comment and for entering my giveaway. Hope you have a wonderful week!