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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter.
Last night Katie helped Mattie May and Nikki decorate eggs to be hidden after Sunday lunch. The girls did real good, but I had to keep reminding Katie that it was OK if Mattie wanted to dip the egg in blue and then pink. Let those little imaginations grow. When doing art, there is no right or wrong as long as the kiddos are having fun.
Mattie May showing me what the egg looked like before she dropped it in the dye. And she did drop it! I am sure some of the eggs will be dyed when the shell comes off.

She learned to put it in the lighter color first so she choose pink.

She like the pink and purple and learned quickly that she needed to put it in the pink dye first and then the blue to get it to really look like purple.

I know we probably should have put some clothes on her. But it was really easy to clean her up when she was finished.

She wanted to decorate her first pink egg with stickers. I was afraid we were going to run out of room on the egg before she ran out of stickers.

Sunday morning we all went to church and heard a wonderful sermon by Phil. He did a really good job (again). He also showed a film about the Death, Burial and Resurrection that the children could understand. Mattie May even sat still through the entire film as I read the words to her. We all enjoyed it.

We gathered at Aunt Traci and Uncle Tim's for lunch. She had the table set so cute. We had a wonderful meal.

Mattie May just loves her great grandTiger!

I just love her little smile. I think the doily on the back of Aunt Traci's chair gives her a look of Bunny Ears.

I tried to get a picture of all four kids but they would not all look at the camera at the same time. Nikki, Makaley, Mattie May and Kauy.

Katie with Mattie May and Nikki in their polka dot dresses and matching bows. They looked so cute.

After lunch, it was time to hunt eggs. Everyone watch out for the stampede!

I can't tell if this is a show in tell or a disagreement, but

Nikki was smiling in this next photo, so I guess everything turned out OK.

Still hunting for eggs.

Mattie May had a pretty full basket.

Saying "Cheese" for Lolo to take her picture.

The big girls sat on the front porch with Uncle Tim,

While Mattie May went in to show BB all that she had found.

I hope everyone got to enjoy Easter Sunday as much as we did. It is always fun when our family can get together and have lunch after church like we used to every Sunday when we were kids. We have some pretty awesome memories from that and we hope our children have the same kind of memories when they are our age.


Trina said...

You know...I have a camera just like yours. Yours seems to work more than mine. Or is that because I am so full of photo boxes (pre-disc) that I can't find the floor. Thanks for the photos...I am so happy that someone takes them for me!

LindaSueBuhl said...

What a blessing family gatherings can be! Thank you for sharing the pictures of what looks like a perfect Easter weekend. Your Mattie May is adorable! I agree about the doily - very lacy and large bunny ears!