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Monday, March 17, 2008

This is What I Thought

Last week I posted this picture -
and asked you to tell me the first thing that came to your mind.
Well I must say, Anne commented first and had the same thought I had. This is what I think my two cousins, Trina and Traci, and I will look like in the future (the very distant future!).

Even though Anne said it first, the others got it right too. But there is some confusion as to which woman is which cousin. Well I will just say, Trina has always worn blue, Traci has always been the middle and I love bright colors. But you could also say Trina has the thinest face, mine is the roundest and Traci is not the tallest of the three. It is so hard to tell because, dadgumit, we are all three just so darn cute! See this picture from our past and you be the judge.

This picture also proves Trina's point in her last comment, I did used to be a blonde!

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Trina said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love that picture of us! That is one of my favorites.
Now, when I pulled it up, Makaley was standing over me and she said "That is me with..." "oh, that is you!" Ha ha.