Today's Verse

Friday, March 7, 2008


The Jim Ned boys won against New Waverly this morning in an impressive 62 to 41 victory. I did not get to go to the game so i have no pictures for this one. I will be at the stated championship game tomorrow.

I wish you boys all the luck! Play your game and you will do well.

Question: Has any school every swept the state basketball title, 2A or otherwise? I would just like to know.


Trina said...

Yeah!! Now to make it more interesting.......Our librarian is a Jim Ned Indian and going to the game. The Lang. Arts teacher next door to me at school is a Ponder fan because her niece is a cheerleader and her brother-in-law is the principal.
And both teams sport red and white!

Brandi said...

So the thing we all want to know, are they riding to Austin together? That would be an interesting ride home no matter who wins!