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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ten Is Very Special

Ten is so very special. Turning ten a first, you are now in double digits. It is the last year you can show your age using your fingers. When you turn ten, you are no longer a child, you become a pre-teen. In three short years you will be a teenager.

Makaley is turning ten today. She is so excited and has every right to be. When she was born, it had been thirteen years since there had been a baby in the family and everyone was so happy. We all crammed into that hospital room to welcome her.

Makaley, you are so very special to me and I am glad you are such a beautiful young lady and my cousin. You are always such a sweet, loving girl and show true concern for those you love. Thank you for always setting a Christian example for those around you.



jessica said...
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Trina said...

Thank you for that precious post. She is precious!!! She is strong. She is a SIMS!!!

Trina said...

THANK YOU Brandi for those kind words! I didn't know that I was a pre-teen.

P.S. Thank you for lunch!!!!!