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Monday, October 1, 2007

Don't you just love Fall?

Being an Abilene girl for the majority of my life, I am used to just two seasons, Summer and Winter. I know we are luckier than some people who live in climates that are warm all year or cool all year. We usually notice the passing of our two seasons by waking up in the morning. When it goes from winter to summer, you have gone to bed in flannel pajamas with the heater on only to awake burning up running to change to the air conditioner as quickly as possible. When it goes from summer to winter it it just the opposite.

This has been a very off weather year here in good ol' Abilene, TX. We have had enough rain to get us out of a decade long drought, very few days over 1oo degrees this past summer, and we are actually getting to have a fall! The mornings have been "brisk" and nice, the leaves are falling from the trees just a little at a time instead of all on one morning after a heavy frost. This morning when I got to work I noticed the sun was a little lower and further to the south than it has been. The days are getting shorter too. Instead of sweltering at football games, they have been nice and cool, not yet needing a sweater but not melting in the heat either.

I am rambling. I don't really even have a point other than I am really enjoying this fall weather.

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