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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Almost Here!

Well, it is almost here. Tomorrow is Halloween and to me that has always meant the beginning of the holiday season. Rushing around to get those perfect gifts for those we love, big family dinners and ending with two very happy children's birthdays.

We actually went "Trick or Treating" tonight, a day early. Katie and I took Mattie May to "Trunk or Treat" at church. With the 31st falling on Wednesday this year Mattie will be in bible class, which she loves. Any time we get in the car she starts yelling "Bibull Cass, Bibull Cass". So we celebrated a day early, I don't think she minded at all.
This is our annual "family Trick or Treat picture" Makaley, Kauy and Mattie May all together in their costumes (hey, even Aunt Traci is in there!). Oh how these three love each other!
This weekend starts our holiday shopping. Christmas Carousel is this weekend and I think I have only missed it once and that was last year when we spent the opening weekend of deer season at the deer lease. So I am really looking forward to starting my shopping and sharing burritos and Dr. Pepper. So, Trina and Traci, get your walking shoes on - IT IS TIME TO SHOP! Trina, if you are not quite up to it, I know where we can borrow a wheel chair. We could show those stroller people a thing or two!!! Gee, I really sound like I am in the Christmas spirit!

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Trina said...

I already decided that we could use the wheelchair and since we are now experts at running between others with strollers, we could get the grand prizes. I also thought that maybe you two would stand in line and I would run to Starbucks! ha ha