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Monday, November 5, 2007

He is the Man of the Year!

Wow, what a weekend!

I have always known I was married to a wonderful man, but this weekend, he won several awards! Friday night after our usual dinner out, I became terribly ill. I don't believe it was the food because Frank, Katie and I all ate the same pizza. But as soon as we walked in the house, it hit me! I will spare you the yucky details but I will tell you it was a very long night.

I did not feel much better on Saturday morning so I stayed in the bed, partly to try and feel better, but partly to hide from Mattie May. And poor Frank, he was trying to take care of me, and had her to deal with also. He had the honor of changing several
poopie diapers, fixing her lunch and getting her down for her nap. And she was clean, hair fixed and ready to go when her daddy arrived to pick her up.

Now that he only had me to take care of again, he could rest a little and enjoy what was left of his college football Saturday. We settled in for the night. But at about 11:45 the telephone rang. I don't know about your house, but if the phone rings after 10 PM at our house it is usually not good news.

It was my grandmother, Mattie B. She had fallen and could not get herself up. It is always a scary situation when a loved one is in trouble, but for those of you that know Mattie B know there was a bit of laughter; well OK, a lot of laughter! We only have to push the screen away from the door and use the key to get in so there is little repair for Frank to do once we get her taken care of. He starts announcing our presence and we are welcomed with her familiar "who!" that she as always yelled when we come in the house.

We turn the corner to the "pig pen" and there she sits, just smiling away. Frank starts to help her up, but not until she gives him specific directions on how to lift her. Now to those of you that don't know Frank and Mattie B, this is funny because he could easily scoop her up and gently place her in her chair. But no, she wants it to be done a certain way. Now understand, her way is a very good way to lift someone that has fallen and we can teach you how if you think you might ever need to know how to do it. It was just the fact of her sitting in the floor giving Frank the directions and trying not to laugh all at the same time.

I am sure this is not as funny a story to some as it is to my family, but the point I want to make is - I AM MARRIED TO THE MAN! He deserves the
Husband, Grandfather and Grandson of the Year Awards. If you don't believe me, just ask Mattie May or Mattie B. because they will tell you the same.


Trina said...

Man you grew him up right! Of course I find this story funny! But I can just see her sitting there and Frank sitting patiently listening and just wanting to say:"Heck Mat, just let me pick your butt up!" You have a good man. Glad you hung on!

maymaysmommie said...

yes momma you were right on that one!! you forgot to list father in the list!!
love you!!

maymaysmommie said...

yes mom you are right!! dad fully deserves this title... but.... you didnt list father on the statement
love you

Brandi said...

Yes Katie you are correct, I should have added Daddy since it was your daughter he was watching.

As for posting the same two comments, what's up with that?!