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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Short, Sweet and to the Point

I just wanted to tell everyone to have a happy Thanksgiving. It will be a busy four days and I don't know if I will have time to post. Katie and I will get up in the morning (yes Katie, you will help) and start putting together the few dishes that we are to take to Hysti's for lunch. We will then congregate at her house for wonderful food, fun and fellowship. After we eat, we will play games and Trina, Traci, Katie and I will get the ads and put together a game plan for Black Friday (don't forget to hide some money for a burrito).

Friday, depending on the plan of attack we have put together, the four cousin's will start bright (not really, it will still be dark) and early on our shopping expedition. I know a lot of you are saying "Those girls are crazy!", but we will have fun. There will be no grumpiness on our part! This has made other shoppers angry(er) in the past, but we say if your not having fun, GO HOME!

Saturday I will spend with my mom helping her put up her Christmas tree. Mom, I love you, but it is OK if there are not exactly two billion lights on your tree. Mom has a beautiful tree, better than most of the professionally decorated trees that I have seen. If I can get my camera working, I will post a picture next week.

Sunday after church, we will have lunch, watch football and rest.

Even though we are not getting everything we wanted before Thursday, please remember we are thankful for what we have! Everyone please keep my family in your prayers as we try to get this mess finished. The lawyer told us this morning it should all be complete by Christmas.

I hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving day!

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Trina said...

Amen on the grumpies go HOME!! And leave your stroller there too. Ha ha! I have breakfast money...and burrito money IF we make it that long!!! ha ha