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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am Thankful for... A

Well, I have been Blog surfing again today and I found a really good idea (I can never think of these things on my own). For the next twenty six days I am going to use the alphabet to list something I am thankful for. Today I will start with the letter A and continue daily until I reach the letter Z. Some of these will be serious, some will be a bit humorous (it is hard to come up with something for all of the letters!), but all will be sincere. I am timing this to get us all the way to Christmas Eve.

Now I know you are thankful for many things too, so leave me a comment (you know I love comments) and tell me what you are thankful for that starts with the letter of the day!

A - Apples I remember when I was little, my great grandmother, Mother Ray, would peel an apple and she would keep the peel in one long curl! This would just fascinate Trina, Traci and I. I am so lucky that Mattie May's favorite snack is an apple. I have been practicing diligently to try to achieve that same long curl Mother Ray used to make.

OK I'm cheating - I am also thankful for my Aunts. My mom and dad each have one sister, Hymonda & Medrice. They have both been special to me and I definitely got my good looks from one of them! I have others that have married into my family and they are very special too.


jessica said...

Ok, I'll play. I am thankful for Abilene. Well, sortof. I am thankful for the family and friends that we have here... it could use a few more activities!

Trina said...

Okay, I want to play too. I am thankful for ancestors who peeled apples in one whirly strip, teach you dominoes, iron your clothes for you, rescue you(at age 25+) in the middle of the night from the boogie man, and store all your crap in their house! Most of all ancestors who carry on in us so that we can do all of the above for the ones we love!

Anne said...

I am thankful for antiperspirant! Now if only I could get more people to wear the stuff!

Trina said...

Anne I am with you! And after 6th period I need some Alieve and airfreshener in order to breath and not have a pounding headache!