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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I really need your feed back on this...

I have received several emails and read several articles on a new movie, a series of children's books and the author Phillip Pullman. The movie title is The Golden Compass and is due to be released this December during the Christmas holidays. My family has discussed this subject at length and I have a few thoughts/questions I would like to share. I in no way intend to promote this man, his books, or his movie, I just want to share my thoughts and maybe get a few of your comments in return.

In the Webster's Dictionary I borrowed from a co-worker's desk, an atheist is said to be "One who disbelieves the existence of a God". If Mr. Pullman is an atheist, I don't think he would say that he hated God. I believe he would say he doesn't believe in Him. How can he hate something he does not believe in? How can he portray killing something he does not believe in? Obviously he is not an atheist, just a man that believes in God but is not a Christian. I believe his heart is filled with hate. Maybe he has been hurt by a Christian and he feels this is his outlet. Is there a word for someone like this?

A few Sundays ago, it was mentioned that sometimes, as Christians, we have to put ourselves in places that are not a place we feel Christians should go. Let me explain. This movie is supposed to promote atheism. We are Christians We believe in God, we trust in God and we believe it is He that gives us eternal life. Would we be wrong to see this movie and be there to answer questions for those who have not found their way? Should we not sometimes put ourselves in an uncomfortable position to seek out those that need to be led to Christ?

Finally, is it wrong for me, a Christian, to want to see this movie? I am curious. Every thing I read says that most of the atheist elements have been taken out. But I still wonder about it. I remember a few years back when there was this same type of uproar about Harry Potter. I read the first book and saw the movie. Was that wrong? I heard thousands of people talk about the witch craft and how they were trying to get our children to not believe in God. What I read and saw was a fictional book and movie that was about good versus evil and in this series, good always wins. If we don't see this movie or read the book, how can we use it to help lost souls? If I do see/read this, can't I use it as a teaching tool for my family?

Like I said, these are my thoughts, opinions and questions. I don't want to sound like I am promoting this movie, THAT IS NOT MY INTENTION. I am just me, and these are a few things that have been wondering around in my simple little mind. Your thoughts please...


Trina said...

The teacher in me needs to see this movie. My next thought is like yours. I will have students who go to this movie and then read the book. Some may have already read the book. Two thoughts: First, I need to know what they are discussing in order to answer any questions, or make any comments that would give the students a light to follow. Next, IF they have already read the book, many times those who read often read books like this, enjoy them, put them up and go on. So...that is my thought and who knows.

Auntie Beth said...

This grandmother is fretting about how the content of this movie will effect the children that are not quite old enough to distinguish between fact and fiction.
The author blatently states he is an atheist and wants to rid the world of God. I don't think that you have to believe in something to not like it. I don't believe in ghost's but in the same voice they may exist and I don't like them! So this being said the author may have a kinda belief in God and doesn't like what he preceive's of God and His power. I think that most atheist believe in a higher power but don't know who or what it is.
Now for going where you can minister to someone if they ask for help that is a good idea as long as my money doesn't go into the coffers of an atheist. If they let me in for free I'd likely go just so I could maybe help someone. But then maybe not!
I do very few movies because this is my silent protest against the immorality of liberal Hollywood and I don't want to spend my money promoting the junk that comes from there.
I'm more concerned that children that see the movie will want to read the books and the lack of God is prevalent in the books. This could be very confusing to a child.
These are some of my thoughts on the subject and it is one that will likely be talked to death in the near future!

jessica said...

I'm not sure what to do about this. I want to see the movie and the previews make it look awesome. but I don't know what the right choice is. My husband said we should just wait until it comes out on video!