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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is it Just Me?

I just need to know something, do I have way to much time on my hands or do other people do the same thing? I guess you need to know what that thing is. Do you go to your favorite blog, read the post, read the comments and then go check out the blogs of the people you don't know that have posted comments? I really enjoy seeing what other people are writing.

So if you are doing this, are you leaving a comment on these blogs of people who have no idea who you are? I don't. As much as I hate not having comments posted (it's like a birthday with no gifts), I am guilty of not commenting on other people's blogs. I think they will think I am some weird stalker, and they will hunt me down to make me stop.

So let me know, leave me a comment. I promise, I won't come hunt you down!:)


jessica said...

I go check out other blogs all the time... sometimes I comment... sometimes I don't. But it is always fun to have people comment that you dont know (at least to me)! You know, affirmation that you wrote something that others wanted to comment on! I have a sitemeter downloaded so I know how many people a week read... and yet I only get one or two comments a week! That freaks me out sometimes! I say read away... comment if you feel lead too! Thanks for the advice today! I appreciate it!

Trina said...

If you comment........I check you out!! Now, do I comment...depends on what period of the day, who needs help, or if it is close to 4PM as to whether I comment. Sometimes I wait a day or two and comment......I want a sitemeter!