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Monday, October 1, 2007

Wear Pink

I am not a person that prepares clothes for work the night before like I should, so this leaves me a little stressed in the mornings trying to decide what to wear. This being Monday morning, I really don't want to get dressed anyway, but I do find my black slacks and my pink "Tittle Luther" shirt that Mike gave me for Christmas the first year I worked here. I love this shirt, the bright pink always makes me feel happy.

On my way to work, an ad came on the radio reminding me that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" and that I should wear pink. OK, first day of the month, Monday morning and I have already done something good! I am on track with the game!

I know we all know someone that has been diagnosed with this horrible disease. Many may be survivors, some may be receiving treatment now, and some may be wonderful people whose memory live on in our hearts. So remember to wear pink this month for support or in memory of someone dear, even if it is a small ribbon pinned close to your heart. Day one is almost over, only 30 left. This is a simple thing to do.

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Trina said...

It must be nice to have been the last born of the 3 grandchildren and be ahead of the other two!! Or, is it just the luck of the "Irish" in you that you are soooooo ahead of the game!