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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mattie May's Excellent Disney Adventure - Day One

I haven't scanned Mattie May's journal yet, so I am going to begin about our adventure in my own words.

We left for Dallas Friday December 31. Frank wanted to leave earlier than I thought he would. I wasn't quite ready but what would a Mixon Vacation be without starting a little rushed? We packed quickly, prepped the house for the cold weather that had been forecast and headed east. Of course Mattie May wanted me to sit in the back with her and we watched a movie, played games and tried to get the truckers to honk all the way to the Metroplex. We were all a bit surprised at how light the traffic was. Traffic is always bad around the DFW airport and this was not only New Year's Eve, but Texas Tech had a bowl game at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday.

We checked into the hotel and took our bags up to the room. While we were deciding what to do, we watched the airplanes coming and going into the airport. We had a great view of this!

When we pulled into the "H" motel as Mattie May calls it, we all decided we were hungry. There was a Red Lobster right next door. Mattie May said that was what she wanted to eat. We had a great lunch and a great waiter. He fell in love with Mattie May and when he found out it was her birthday, he asked if he could buy her dessert! Of course!! We were on vacation and vacation is all about dessert! No worries about eating right for an entire week! Naturally he brought four spoons with it. There was no way one person, especially one under four feet tall, could have finished that by themselves!

Some of the many faces of Mattie May

Then the truth came out why Frank had wanted to leave home early. We were not very far from Bass Pro Shop, the greatest store in all the land (LOL). We did some shopping there and then visited Grapevine Mills mall. Katie wanted to get an Otterbox for her phone and I decided to get one too. Mattie May asked if there was a Build A Bear Workshop there and as hard as we tried to get out of there without going, she spotted several children carrying boxes from there, so of course we had to take her. She built Googily Bear. We normally don't buy clothes for her creations, but I found a gi that has changeable belts and this grandma felt she just had to have it. She got him dressed (with an orange belt of course), got him registered and back we went to the hotel.

We made sure that our carry on luggage was ready to pass through security and off to bed we went. New Year's Eve and we were all asleep by 10:00PM! The alarms were set for 3:45 AM and when we landed in Florida we didn't want to slow down for naps!

If I get a chance to scan Mattie May's journal, I will post that tomorrow. If not, I will tell you about day two!

God Bless

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