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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Really Messed Up This Time

Yes, I have been MIA from my blog for a long while. Sorry. I just haven't "felt bloggy" lately.

I'm fine. Every test I've bee through since my last treatment has come back with good results. That's not why I have been missing.

Like I said, I just haven't felt it.

So let me just start from where I am now.

I really messed up this time.

Oh. I'll survive.

I'm just a little, no, a lot mad at myself.

Back on March 1, I had to have an EDG and a colonoscopy due to the bleeding issues I had during my chemo. Both test went smoothly and the results were just what we wanted to hear, everything looked good and normal.

Relief for me.

However, (isn't there always a "however"?) there is a section of my gastrointestinal tract that neither procedure could see.


Due to modern medical procedures,  I get to swallow a camera pill!

Pretty cool if you ask me. It is bundled up in a neat and tidy capsule. Looks pretty much like any other pill, just really large!

Just like a colonoscopy, there is a prep day involved. Nothing nearly as drastic as prepping for a colonoscopy, but prep none the less.

Clear liquids, no reds or purples, broths, Jello (but I only like red!) and no sodas (not a problem either).

Then at 6:00 PM a nice little dose of Magnesium Citrate. Lemon flavored. Never had it before, but it's lemon. How bad could it be?

Yesterday morning, Tuesday, I woke up, fixed Mattie and Katie breakfast and me a really nice large glass of water.

Ice water so I could crunch the ice and fool my stomach that I was actually eating something.

Around lunch I fixed me a nice yummy cup of beef broth and another glass of water.

For snacks during the day I had ice water as well, again with lots of ice to crunch.

For supper, I fixed a really large cup of chicken broth with another glass of ice water.

At 6:00 PM, I treated myself to a small cup of Magnesium Citrate, lemon flavored. It even has a little bit of  "effervescence" so it was a little bubbly going down.

Let me also say, the MC was also like a glass of lemon aid on steroids. It really made my jaws lock. But I got it down.

And the MC starts working it's magic a little slower than some of the stuff I've had to take in the past, but it does work. Try it if you ever have a little trouble "going", just take the recommended dosage, not what you have to take for a "cleanse"! LOL

The rest of the night I had, you guessed it, lots of ice water.

When I was setting my alarm clock so I wouldn't miss my appointment for the pill, I pulled up my calendar to check the time.

But on my calendar, I had that my prep day was Wednesday May 8 and that I was scheduled to take the pill on Thursday, May 9.

That had to be wrong.

I had prepped all day!!!

I go pull my paperwork from the doctor and guess what?!

My prep day is May 8!!!!

I just wanted to cry!

It was way to late to call the doctor. So I did what I'm sure anyone else would do.

I fixed me a big bowl of cereal and followed it with a big hunk of cheese! That maybe doesn't sound very good to the rest of you, but believe you me, that was just what my stomach ordered.

So today, Wednesday May 8, I woke up and started my prep (again) so I can take the camera pill in the morning Tuesday May 9.

I actually feel less hungry today then I did yesterday.

I know that all over this world, including USA, there are people that would love to have a bowl of cereal and hunk of cheese at least once a week because they have nothing else to eat.

This was just a little hiccup in my week and I'm thankful for what I have.

Tomorrow I will get up and go take my camera pill and enjoy my day.

It's just a little adventure during this journey I'm on and as always I know

Everything is going to be OK.

Until next time,

God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Our prayers are with you and the family.
Tommy & Pam