Today's Verse

Sunday, December 2, 2007


D - Dwelling Frank and I have an old house with lots of problems, but it is our house.

There were some years we struggled to make the payments we had, but now that we own it and we are both in our middle forties, we know it was worth those struggles. It has leaky windows and doors, only one bathroom, and needs new carpet, but it is our home that we have raised our family in and now helping to raise our granddaughter in. Isn't that what makes a house a HOME?


Anne said...

Dreams - For it is there that I am able to escape the pain of this earthly life, and it is also a place where I can be skinny!

Trina said...

How funny, I was NOT going to say that I am thankful for diets. Ha Ha
D..... dirt. I love to play in the dirt. It is my therapy, but it is full of richness, and has the ability to make things grow, cover things up, and to it I will return one day.