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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


U - Uniqueness... This is something that we all are. Each and everyone of us are unique, even if you are a twin or any other multiple, you are unique. God planned it that way, but yet he loves us all the same. We may share characteristics of each other but we are not identical. Isn't that so cool?

I am also thankful for umbrellas and underwear but I think those need no explanation!

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Trina said...

U....Unconditional Love. I have been given that and why we don't give it to others...I don't know. I know that we get irritated or frustrated with people, but you got to love them. You may be walking the streets of gold with them one day.
U.....University...McMurry which will give me the unbelievable chance to teach those who will be teachers soon.
U.....Underware that does NOT crawl up your crack and become a thong when you don't want to be wearing one.