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Sunday, December 9, 2007


K - Katie OK, so this is another one that was easy. My baby girl, though she is not much of a baby any more. She will aways be my baby! Even though she makes me cry sometimes (and empties my wallet always), I love her so very much. She fills my heart with love. She has given me my greatest joy ever in Mattie May. She has grown into a beautiful young woman and has become a great mother.

Katie, thank you for being you.
She is the one in the orange shirt.


Trina said...

Am I the only one playing along with you? At some point, you can print this and make an ABC Thanksgiving Book for my Christmas year? ha
K.......I would have to say I get to cheat and name more than one. Kelly would come first. He brought me joy and love, and brought out the strong side of me. The side that was not afraid to try new things no matter how high, how fast, or how dark. He also brought me Kauy! Who has taught me that you are NEVER too old to be a mom and you WILL enjoy it! and the K that ties it all a KISS. I loved Kelly's kisses and Kauy's precious little kisses (when I get one!) And Kauy had me read this, and his thought was, "That's nice"

Brandi said...

I think you are the only one playing along. Oh well, we always seem to be in our own little world anyway. Thanks OK, I love it here in "Triandiville"!