Today's Verse

Friday, December 21, 2007


W - Winter... Oh yes, I love winter. It brings with it cooler weather, snow (sometimes), Christmas, a new year and my birhtday. But also, because I was a Winter once and several near and dear to my heart still are!
Wise Men... Some of Jesus' first visitors. They followed a star and brought gifts (a tradition I think has gotten out of hand) and, as Mattie May will tell you, they rode camels. She thinks that is so cool.


Trina said...

W....Woman....A woman can do anything a man can do and is still acceptable. Well, we can't scratch our crotches or rearrange the contents in public with no thoughts given AND far be it that we fart loudly in public (well, Brandi we will discuss that later).But for the most part we get to do "guy" things, get our feelings hurt and cry, and shop with no tacky comments. We can come up with great excuses for not wanting to do something instead of just grunting.
W....Winter for the same reason, but because without Winter..there would be no Brandi, Katie or Mattie May!
W....Wisdom.....Anne and I laugh about this. We need wisdom but since we don't always have it, we just ask God to "put His arms around us and a hand over our mouths."

Brandi said...

Be sure to ask Katie about the farting also!!!! I would put her in a competition against any man!!!!