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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Q - I became queasy when I came to the letter"Q". What word would I choose? I had a quandary. I had a query. Would there be a quantum of words to choose from? I was so afraid of becoming a quean. I was quivering because I did not want to have a quest writer! But I was not going to quit even if I had to gather a quorum and give them a quiz. So I quickly grabbed my queenly thinking cap, chewed on my quid, and picked up my quill to begin writing. In the quiet of my office , I finally decided on a word...

Q - Quilt... We have several quilts in our house. Most are hand made and they all keep us warm. But when I think about quilts, there are three that quickly come to mind -

The blue, cross stitched bell quilt that Mattie B gave to Katie when she was little, because "all the other cousins had one and she didn't".

The red baby quilt. Frank's grandmother made Katie seven quilts when she was born, but for some reason this bright red quilt was always the one Katie wanted. She took it with her everywhere, even when she was in high school. She said no one would ever get this quilt from her! But, then she had Mattie May. She ,too, is taken by this quilt and must be covered by it every night, no matter how hot it is, or she won't go to sleep. This has been hard on Katie, but she has agreed to let her "borrow" it until she is grown, Yeah, right - we'll see, Katie.

And finally , my grandma's flower garden quilt, even though it is not at my house. Mattie B handmade (really, there is no machine stitching, period) a double wedding ring for Trina and two grandma's flower garden, one each for Traci and me. They are the most beautiful quilts in my eyes because I know how many hours and sore fingers it took for her to make these three quilts. So now you wonder why I do not have possession of my quilt. Well, cousin Traci decorates with quilts and in her front room she needed a quilt that matched hers so her twin beds would match. What a better place for this quilt. There are more people that get to see it there and I know it is in very caring hands. How do we tell them apart? When Mattie B was making the quilts, Katie wanted to learn how. So on one quilt piece on one of the grandma's flower garden quilts are some very long and awkward stitches made by my baby when she was about five years old. See if you can find them next time you are at T&T's house!

Now, wasn't this a quip?!?!


maymaysmommie said...

it WILL be my blankie again!! muahahahah!!!! and i am very thankfull for the QUIRKINESS of all my family. if we were not the way we are i dont think there would be such a storng group of women, or have as deep of faith as we do!!

Trina said...

Q...Quickness (of which I am lacking right now) Some people work quick enough to get new posts on everyday. Some of us are just to Quacky to stay on one train and get anything done!
It is lunch at the school, and my room is QUIET!!