Today's Verse

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


N - Nation, Nature, Namesake... This one was hard for me, trying to find something that started with "N" and then trying to choose between the things I thought of, so I narrowed it down to three.

I am thankful I live in a in a democratic nation where my voice can be heard whether it by voting each election day, making a speech or writing a letter. I also have the freedom to worship when and where I please and to whom I choose. We forget there are still places where this can not be done. I am thankful this nation was founded with God even though so many people have forgotten that and want me to forget to.

I am thankful for nature, the beautiful creation of God. I always feel sorrow for people that miss the things I see from being out fishing or hunting. When I am out early in the morning and it is so quiet, it is easy to reflect on how much God has given us to enjoy.

And I am thankful for namesakes. There are so many in our family that have been named after an older relative or ancestor. It is fun to go the names and remember so many people. Here is a run down of aunts - Fonda Mae, Fonda Lou, Trina Lou, Katie Katrina Lynn (the Lynn is also for Traci Lyn) Mattie May. And for those of you that know my family, you can see some other namesakes in that list too. Shh, don't tell Katie that Trina and Traci aren't her aunts, we haven't told her yet!

Five Generations on Mom's side.


Anne said...

BEAUTIFUL and FUN family!!

Love y'all!

Trina said...

N....nuts..those you eat, those that keep the bolt in place for this building, and those nuts in my family!

Brandi said...

Hey! I resemble that remark!