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Saturday, December 22, 2007


X - Xerophytes... Without these, those of us living in normally dry West Texas, might not have any plants at all. Pecan trees, marigolds and St. Augustine. We might not have any green at all!

(OK, I had to look this one up! Let me see what you found for "X")

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Trina said...

Since I am NOT the creator of this blog spot, I can play anyway I want to !!!
X....Xtreme Car Wash. They do a great job on the Xtra Dirty Tahoe!
X...Xylophone players. I know it is wrong to envy someone, but the Wylie Band never played music with a part for the xylophone. I always wanted to be the ONLY one that could play and be the star of the show. I wish I could play the harp, mirimbas, and fiddle also. But.....clarinet and cymbals and piano are about it.