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Sunday, August 19, 2012

And So The Journey Continues...And It's Not Real Exciting, Yet

August 17, 2012

Frank slept at home again and I stayed at Mom's. Her house is just easier to get around in. It's bigger and she is a much better house keeper than I am! I hate cleaning! I woke about 7:30. I didn't sleep as well last night as I have been. These balls are really starting to be annoying! They stuck to me all night long and when I woke up this morning, one of the caps were poking into my arm. I tried to be a quite as I could when I got out of bed because Mom was still asleep which is strange for her, but she was awake shortly after.

I sent Frank a text to come on out when he got ready. Mom fixed us a wonderful breakfast of eggs, Canadian bacon and English muffins. It was so good.

Poppa called on his way into town, and I asked him to bring me some more gauze dressings so I could get a shower and clean jammies. We enjoyed visiting with him as always.

After he left, Frank went to help me shower. I learned very quickly, I can not do that by myself. We put a chair in Mom's shower and used the handheld shower head. He gave me one of the best hair washings I have ever had! And the shower was typical Frank and Brandi. He was sweating and I was shivering! It is true for us that opposites attract! I tried really hard not to get his clothes wet because he didn't bring any others with him. I decided that if I got him too wet, he could wear one of Mom's robes while we dried his clothes.

The toughest part of the shower was changing the dressing where these tubes are attached. Not fun! I'm not sure where the hospital gets their surgical tape but it must be a Super Glue product! I think it pulled off a layer of skin. The scariest part was Frank was having trouble getting some of it off the tubing and we soon realized the gauze was wrapped around it!

After we got all the gauge off, he continued to help me clean. I really felt he missed his calling as a nurse! Other than him squirting me in the face and trying to drown me, it went well.

By the time he got me dried off, I was exhausted. I felt like an old lady!

We tried to watch some more movies but we both fell asleep. Mom made a lasagna for supper and Katie joined us again. We wanted to take another walk but the lightning prevented us from doing so. We watched a little (a lot) more TV then headed off to bed, Frank and Katie at home and Mom and I at her house. It was another good day.

It's all going to be OK!

Until next time, God bless!

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