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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some Strange New Sensations

August 29, 2012  P.M.

I had a great day today.

I took Mattie to breakfast then dropped her off at school. From there, I went to my house!! It was the first time I spent more than 30 minutes by myself there in the weeks since my surgery. It was nice just to relax and catch up on my soaps! LOL Like I need a soap opera in my life!

For lunch, it was our monthly Ladies Lunch with a bunch of women that used to work at WTU together. It was very nice. I had not been able to attend since late last year and I really enjoyed getting to see everyone.

From there I went back home and watched some more soaps. It's hard to catch up after three weeks!! Late this afternoon I picked Mattie up at karate and we came out to Mom's where Mom and Mattie cooked supper. Mattie loves to help cook.

After supper, Mom and Mattie watered all the outside plants then we took a short walk. It was then time for Mattie to get her shower and in the bed. We called Grumpy then read our book. She didn't go to sleep during the book tonight, so we just lay there and she kept patting my shoulder while I rubbed her cheek. Why can't they just stay little longer?

I think I have kept you up to date on any news with the cancer. I have my first appointment with the oncologist Tuesday. I am so ready. I have had some new "sensations" around the surgery site. Around eleven this morning, I started having the feeling of being shocked. The first time I felt it, I actually thought I had busted a stitch. But there are no stitches on the outside to see. You know how it feels when you turn on a light and get a shock, or when the kids drag their feet on the carpet and then touch each other? That is how this feels. And it is in the same spot on both sides. Mom and I think it is the nerves getting the feeling back after the surgery. It doesn't really hurt, it is mostly annoying. If it continues tomorrow, I will be calling the doctor to see if this is normal. Again, it is not painful, just annoying. But this too is just one of those things that I know will pass and reminds me that...

Everything is going to be OK.

Until next time, God bless!!!

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