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Friday, August 24, 2012

Praise of Thanksgiving!!

August 24, 2012

Well I can not say I am disappointed. I had my follow up appointment with Dr, Yost yesterday, If you didn't see the update to yesterday's post here, well it was good!!!


Praise God! He gets ALL the glory on this one. He has guided me on this path from the very beginning. And I know He Himself was in that operating room with me guiding the doctors, nurses, and anesthetists (that was the big one for me!) and anyone else that had something to do in that room. I have never felt as at peace about something as I did when I woke up from surgery. 

For more than a week, everyone has been praying, bringing food, calling, texting and sending cards and letters. There is no way I will ever remember to tell everyone that I appreciate what they did and how much love I feel for them. I guess when you live in a small town as long as we have, you friends turn to family quickly, and we do what we can to show we care. 

But I think what I appreciate more than the prayers for me are the prayers for my family. Like I've said before, cancer is hard! It's not just hard for me, it is hard for the ones that are closest to me. I know many of you have prayed for Frank. He has done so much. Most of y'all don't see him like I do, and he may say he's OK, but I know his eyes. I also know what those eyes said to me before and after the surgery and during the days after. I didn't think I was ever going to get him to go back to work. He gave me courage before and so much comfort after. 

And thank you for the prayers for Katie and Mattie. Mattie has been so worried and full of more questions than usual. Katie has needed strength to help answer those questions as honestly as possible without terrifying her! But she is doing great and ready to meet the teacher tonight and start 1st grade on Monday!!!

The rest of my family has received numerous prayers too! This has been hard on all of them too. I guess it would be easier if we weren't all so darn close!!! My mom and dad have received lots of prayers. Worry for your children doesn't get easier just because they are adults. It is the same worry for the child whether they are infants, middle aged, or older! Our children are our children. 

So what's next?

Good questions. 

I still have to see an oncologist to see if there will be any other treatment. If the answer is yes, we will continue to pray and go from there. If it is no, well I really don't know. I know we will continue to pray, prayers of thanksgiving, but I don't know how long I will have to wait to start the reconstruction. Once that starts, it will take about a year to complete. Then hopefully I will be able to get back to life like it was; karate, fishing, and just having fun with my family. Whatever it is, I know God is in control and he hasn't let me down yet! And we also know...

Everything is going to be OK! 

Until next time, God bless. 

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